Fashion Friday

This week has been insane. I’m on the home stretch of theatre performances (last one tonight!) and things around the house (and with my physical appearance) have definitely been showing the effects of me not having the energy to grapple with a busy work week, a Board Meeting on Saturday, a show tonight (with rehearsals this week,) keeping up with the Garagehome and a cute outfit for Fashion Friday. It’s true, my First World Problems overwhelm and defeat even myself at times.

This is all talking around the bush to say that…I wore jeans three times this week. BUT, I made it all the way to March 1st before breaking!

Seeing as how I’m going to be spending approximately 2.5 months of my 3 month summer building a chicken coop, raising chickens, farming a bunch of potatoes, adding an Arctic Entryway to the Garagehome (along with a Toyo and better HRV in the Garagehome) and doing dirtwork/concrete for the beginnings of our Homehome, I’ve been thinking about how I’m determined not to spend my summer also looking like a Hot Mess All The Time. In the past, when I’ve been spending lots of time building/gardening/constructing I’ve spent the majority of said time wearing leggings/jeans with either the butt or the groin ripped out and ill-fitting (way too tight or super baggy) shirts.

In the interest of low-key, low-maintenance, clothing I can look cute in yet still not care if I destroy, I’m thinking about overalls a lot. I’m also thinking about shorts. Shorts and I have a long and dramatic history that I’m interested in rectifying this summer. See, I don’t shave my legs. And I’m really, really white. Every time I’ve gone out wearing shorts (or short skirts) determined to rock it regardless I’ve gotten comments along the lines of, “Wow. You’re really white…and really hairy. You know, looking at you you wouldn’t think you’d be that hairy…but wow. You have a lot of hair on your legs.” This all leaves me feeling self-conscious. I still won’t shave my legs (I just can think of so many better uses for my time) but I’ve always had this theory that if my legs just got a little tan, the hair would be a lot less noticeable. I’m determined to rock it this year, and stick it out through the first few weeks of comments.

I’ve spent some time bumming around the internet and I’ve found a couple looks that I want to try. I could destroy them, I could look good in them and I could expose my shy, white, white, hairy legs to the sun in them.

Just imagine shorts instead of cords.

Just imagine shorts instead of cords.

THIS (except for the weird fringed moccasins. Those have got to go.)

THIS (except for the weird fringed moccasins. Those have got to go.)

I love this wavy little Summer dress. Except no converse shoes..I'd like flats instead.

I love this wavy little Summer dress (and I LOVE the slip.) Except no converse shoes..I’d like flats instead.

Wait for it. I’ll be the slightly-tan, hairy lady at the TS, digging all my glorious finds out of dumpsters. ‘Cause I’m a classy Fashionista like that.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

    • Now IS the time! I will purchase some (read: MANY) sexy rompers and wear them constantly and perpetually! Maple will destroy them all eventually anyway so it kind of kills many birds with one romper-purchase-stone…

      • future me: Anna! I dont know what happened, all of your rompers flew into a pile out in the yard and spontaneously combusted! …. and the fire extinguisher has gone missing! ….and the water jugs are all empty! What are we going to do?

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