Weekly Wednesday

Listening to lots of twangy pop-country. The ladies that I work in a shared office with have all discovered that we love pop country. Who doesn’t love Carrie Underwood? Tim McGraw? The pop-country cover of ‘Wagon Wheel?’ Turns out our awesome student-worker Meghan (the one who takes all the photos) does not love pop-country but she suffers through it for our sake.

Learning all about heirloom seeds. Maple and myself are gearing up to order our seeds for the year. This year we’re ordering from Pingo Farms (learn about ’em here.) While I generally have a soft spot for anyone who listens to ‘Coast to Coast’, Kurt Wold is really an amazing farmer who has, over decades, cultivated seeds specific to the Interior of Alaska (a locale not known for its’ mild, temperate growing climate.) Maple and I are super excited to grow about 15 different varieties of potatoes, two different kinds of hot peppers, and a Siberian watermelon variety that Maple had heard of, but never actually seen. We’re getting ready to bring in the ol’ seeding trays and get started in the next few weeks here. Spring is justsoclosetoaroundthecorner and we’re both pretty pumped.

Loving the happy accidents of life. This is what happened when I peeled my sticker off my pear yesterday.

385844_783510487182_1351384504_nCheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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