Lots o’ Patterns – All at Once

This Tuesday fashion shoot is brought to you by Monday’s sunshine and Maple’s willingness to take my photo (even though it took valuable time out of our Monday Racquetball game.)

The weather was lovely today, about 15 degrees above zero in the sunshine. My regular photographer Meghan was out sick so Maple joyfully (read: incredibly grudgingly) agreed to take my photo after only briefly attempting to convince me that it would still be light enough to take photos we finished racquetball (it wasn’t.)

581829_783510492172_1264015619_nMy awesome face is brought to you courtesy of the sun in my face and the 2.5 minute time limit I was given for this photo shoot by my photographer (who really, really wanted to play racquetball.)

541549_783510497162_220722009_nLots of Transfer Site and Value Village finds in this fashion shoot. This sweater is a beautiful, hand-knit sweater that I found on top of a couch in the re-use area last summer. It constantly amazes me what people throw away.

225240_783510601952_622255977_n484949_783510616922_1147640939_nLately I’ve gotten really into wearing lots of patterns simultaneously. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how different colors and patterns (like this scarf/shirt combo) can unexpectedly highlight and compliment each other.

156427_783510621912_2018639316_nThese earrings are another awesome set courtesy of JSchlo (find her stuff here!)

540965_783510562032_487111279_nThis amazing bag was one of my best Garage Sale scores this summer (an anthro brand for $10!)

Monday (yesterday) was an amazingly productive day – which is always nice. After racquetball I called one of my mothers and then Maple and myself still managed to split/stack over a cord of wood, read books, and play fetch with Ms. Sabine. I love productive nights.

31482_783510671812_2095270344_nShoes : Steger Mukluks. Tweed Trousers : H&M (found at Value Village.) Messenger Bag : Kimchi and Blue. Blue Cowl Shirt : Gift from Sister (anthro brand.) Hand-Knit Sweater : Found at TS. Tank Top : Old Navy (found at TS.) Earrings : JSchlo.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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