Fashion Friday

I’ve realized lately that I’ve been blowing things up a bit in the ol’ Fashion Photo Shoots. That’s how my brain works sometimes: once a week becomes twice a week becomes every. single. day.

It can definitely be interesting being a fashion-lover up here in Fairbanks (and Alaska in general.) While I wholeheartedly disagree with those who say that Alaskans aren’t fashionable, it’s true that most trends take oh, about 2-3 years longer to make it up here than in the lower 48 (and those trends that arrive quickly arrive almost solely at Fred Meyer’s.) I love my fellow Alaskan ladies who blog about great fashion (and wear such with fortitude at -20.) Two great fashion blogs by Alaskan Fashionistas are So Much HeART and Arrogantly Shabby. Both these blogs highlight what I love about fashionistas in Alaska; DIY attitude and an independent streak a mile wide.

Weather in Alaska is also a large contributing factor to what stylistic choices are made day-by-day. While in my minds eye I think I look like this:

130218_Outfit1_aIt’s much more common on a winter day (where I’m spending more than 20 minutes outside) for me to look like this:

534654_772327557862_1683200260_nWhile layers, layers and more layers are absolutely essential to all fashion choices in the winter (find me a Fashion blogger who lives in Alaska who doesn’t feature leggings daily. I DARE YOU.) I sometimes want to wear something where Fashion takes a precedence over comfort briefly. But I also refuse to be one of those gals who is never outside and goes from house to car to work to car to lunch to car to work to car to indoor gym to car to home. I want to be outside, even if the resulting effect is one of looking like a 5 year old in layers.

What am I loving this week?

This swimsuit from Modcloth:

4742a4b9cee66d797f63d2e13e214981I’ve actually ordered this swimsuit. Modcloth’s shipping department has apparently blown up or something though because they keep shipping this swimsuit back to themselves, but hopefully I’ll get it soon.

And I LOVE this dress:

A26676619_005_bIt’s the Abby Jersey Shift at Anthropologie (notice the pocket??)

Lastly, who doesn’t love some beautifully, simply silver jewelry? This gorgeous bracelet is by Mark Kaplan (Maple gave me some earrings that Mark made – they’re one of my favorites.) Mark’s website can be found here.


Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Haha! I love your IRL winter pic. Love the dress too! I’m currently in window shopping overdrive, thinking about all the cute beachy things I should wear on vacation in April. In other news, Kurt and I are excited that the Japanese store, Uniglo, now has a US online store. Cute tops. Tell Justin: Cute tops alert.

    • Copy that. I will inform Maple of the CODE RED CUTE TOPS alert. 🙂
      My window shopping has gotten a little out of control, I think I have wishlists totaling over $10,000 at this point. Try as I might this house that we’re building keeps taking precedence over all these $400.00 boots I want to buy…

  2. I am so happy to see other fashion bloggers in Alaska. I know it’s cold here. It’s okay to look like a 5 year old bundled up in layers. But why can’t we still dress cute indoors? Keep up the good work.

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