Weekly Wednesday

Listening to music by Rodriguez. You can check out his music here. Maple and I watched the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” and it was wonderful. Rodriguez was a 1970’s folk artist whose career never took off in the United States, but he became a cultural phenomenon in South Africa. Seeing as how my sister has spent a few years off and on in South Africa, it was great to see so much footage of Cape Town, and it’s an inspiring story of a musician who really seems to be making music for the right reasons. I highly recommend this documentary! The music is pretty awesome as well.

Learning all about Racquetball. I’m mainly learning how bad I am at Racquetball, but I am slowly getting better.

Loving my sweet husband who, after fervently stating that Valentine’s Day was a Hallmark Holiday (which is totally is) for a week, surprised me with Lilies (one of my favorite flowers) on Valentine’s Day.


Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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