Sunshine at -30

This post is brought to you by the coldest day we’ve had in quite a while. It was roughly 30 below zero when Meghan and I took these photos. (BTW that’s just cold, cold, cold. Everyone is cold at 30 below.)

17638_782881911852_1253429649_nThe sun was out though and it was just so beautiful (even if it was freezing cold.)

285680_782881916842_1525548382_n557976_782881981712_756133211_nLotta transfer site finds in this outfit. Lots of thrifting as well. After I got tattoos on my forearms I freaked out a bit and bought a bunch of long-sleeved shirts. This one is a super-comfy American Apparel shirt from Value Village in one of the more unique beige-mustard colors I’ve ever seen. Bonus points? It had a pocket.

426039_782882156362_406134638_n602104_782882036602_719704726_nThe last few days here have been pretty cloudy and we’ve all been missing the sun. Today was the day we’ve all been waiting for; gorgeous and impossibly sunny. The sun was even rising when I drove to work today (at 7:50 AM! For the first time in months!)

76086_782882091492_912930570_n188270_782882086502_1867706361_nShoes – Steger Mukluks. Grey Skinny Jeans – Forever 21 (Found at TS.) Black Tank Top – H&M. Mustard-Beige Top – American Apparel (via Value Village.) Scarf – Found at TS. Turquoise Earrings – Gift from my mothers.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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