Moody Modcloth and Anthro Sweaters

My Fashion Tuesday came early this week, in the form of a Monday.

This post is brought to you by a damp, cloudy Friday, cute dresses and ankle boots.

I LOVE THIS DRESS AND THIS SWEATER. Can I say it a little more emphatically? This dress is the Coach Tour Dress from Modcloth and it’s just about the best dress I’ve ever owned. I saw it (briefly) at a clothes swap that I was at (as it was being put on by a fabulous lady that it then went home with) and I was smitten. So smitten that, a week later, I bit the bullet and bought it off Modcloth. It’s made of comfy jersey fabric, has pockets(!!) and the cutest cowl collar you ever saw.

This sweater is from Anthro, bought on clearance a few years ago. Gorgeous applique covers the front and the elbows of this sweater. I’d forgotten all about it for almost two years when I re-found it in my closet (don’t you love it when that happens?) and promptly fell in love all over again.Diptic18408_782518759612_913335537_nFriday was cloudy and chilly (it snowed early in the morning) with a temperature around 10 degrees. The air felt damp and both Meghan and I were cold enough that Friday was an especially quick photo shoot.

Elbow Patches.

Elbow Patches.



154861_782519054022_1587542385_nThese little booties have impressive traction. Impressive to the extent that I risked a few ‘jumping shots.’ Meghan and I had enough fun with these that I hope to make them a regular occurrence!

American Eagle Ankle Boots – Value Village. Brown Smartwool Tights – Bought new several years ago. Eloise Black Petticoat – Bought off Anthropologie’s website several years ago. Coach Tour Dress – Modcloth. Anthro Cardigan – Bought at In-Store Clearance Sale

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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