Put A Pocket On It – Call It Fashion

There’s this amazing Portlandia episode where the laugh line is “Put a bird on it.” This references, no doubt, the overabundance of twee paraphernalia featuring the outline of birds and sold to the twee populace. I’d love to make fun of this constantly, and I would, if only I wasn’t such a sucker for anything that has a bird on it.

13146_782195093242_23524523_nThe ‘me’ equivalent for this phrase would be, “Put a pocket on it. Anna will buy it.” I love pockets. Any dress, tunic or skirt that has pockets becomes (instantly) that much more desirable to me.


This sweet tunic was pulled from a pile at an awesome clothes swap that I recently went to. As adorable and comfortable as this tunic is it was also just that much too short for work. To the rescue swoops a simple little black jersey skirt, which adds the two crucial inches to make it work-safe.

563238_782194958512_1943315192_nDipticSteger Mukluks – Bought new three years ago. Dansko Black Leggings – Found at TS. White Lace Knee-High Socks – Bought on clearance at Fred Meyer’s. Urban Outfitters Tunic – Clothing Swap. Black Jersey Mini-Skirt – Bought on clearance at H&M.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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