Fashion Friday

This post is brought to you by my faithful Steger Mukluks and polka dots.

I’ve been skulking around the building where I work with Meghan, trying to find new locales (besides the bench) for photos. Today was beautiful; warm with the sun trying very, very hard to break through the clouds.

556104_782100657492_939290353_nThis shirt was a very generous gift from my buddy Mol (who scored it at ol’ Value Village.) Made out of bright green polyester it’s a bit of an intimidating garment on the hanger. On the bright side (or sometimes not-so-bright side from Maple’s perspective) I’m quite the magpie. Sequins? Yes, please. Bright colors? Yes, PLEASE. Polyester, neon rompers? YES, PLEASE.

59758_782100652502_1222727285_nAfter my glowing post on Frye shoes on Tuesday, I feel I should follow-up with a love letter to the real all-stars of shoes in the Interior: Steger Mukluks. As devotees of the blog know, Maple and myself entered their on-line contest this year (and were in the running for a couple weeks before, you know, not being in the running anymore.) Stegers are just the best shoes a gal (or guy) could wear in the super-cold climate. They’re cute, incredibly warm and insanely durable. These shoes above are on year three of being worn approximately 300 days out of the year and are just now starting to show signs of wear.

45811_782100677452_1503896927_nSeeing these photos so large on the internet, it’s hard not to see all the dog hairs that cling so tenaciously to everything I own. Sabine is the main culprit I think, with Gunnar not far behind. Sweet, sweet, Snorri (so hungry, so pudgy) keeps all her short, black hairs to herself.


These beautiful earrings are made by Rowan Law (one of my most favorite Juneau artists.) He unfortunately does not have a website (if he did I’d be a lot poorer) but he makes beautiful, brilliant pieces from raw metal and other natural materials. He is such a versatile artist; simultaneously creating large, chunky pieces alongside the most delicate, beautiful pieces.


Steger Mukluks – Bought new three years ago. Brown Smartwool Tights – Bought new several years ago. Teal Fishnet Thigh-Highs – Bought at Fred Meyer’s on clearance. Black Banana Republic Skirt (With Pockets!) – Found at TS. Green Polka Dot Top – Gift from Mol (via Value Village.) Blue No-Brand Cardigan – Found at TS. Earrings – Rowan Law.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. It’s interesting reading your blog. And, while I’m definitely not very fashion oriented, I have liked these posts. BUT, being in the lower 48 (the far northern part of the lower 48), I want to know WHAT’S THE TEMPERATURE?? Yes your feet are warm, but how about the rest of the body. Or do residents of Alaska develop a “thinsulate” layer of fat to help keep them warm? Or do you plan your shots inside, run outside and take the pictures and then quick as a bunny run back inside and hit a hot beverage? I know you used the word “warm” but I know that was in the alaskan context. My nieces and friends in Texas wouldn’t call it warm, I’m quite sure!

    • Hello June!
      Thanks for reading! The weather has been from 6 degrees to 26 degrees all week (which is pretty warm for Fairbanks in the winter.) I definitely use the term ‘warm’ in an Alaskan context!
      Usually these photo shoots take about 7 minutes and I scurry back inside to a cup of hot tea… šŸ™‚ Noticeably missing from ALL the fashion shoots? My unfashionable down coat. šŸ™‚

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