Weekly Wednesday

Listening to lots of Johnny Cash. I’d actually never listened to Johnny Cash until I watched the movie “Walk the Line” but after that I was hooked. Pretty much everything that Johnny Cash touches is gold, but I’ve been listening to “I Hung My Head”  probably more than anything else.

Learning that I really, really enjoy House Managing for theatrical productions. Usually I’m backstage as an actor, calming down as a director, or running around giving times as a stage manager. I’ve rarely (if ever) House Managed and I’ve found this last week, with ‘Luxury of Suffering’ that I really enjoy it.

Me, pursuing the dream of theater...

Me, pursuing the dream.

Loving that the Sunlight is starting to come back to us in the Interior. With the Sun returning, all the greens in the Garagehome start to come back to us as well. Maple and myself overwinter several succulents in the Garagehome and on Sunday I snapped a few photos of our intrepidly tough succulents, as they start to thrive again…

Thriving in the sun...

Bliss in the sun…

Peeking through.

Peeking through.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday

  1. I have a house manager story or two for you from mom’s and I’s days at the Aurora in Berkeley.Glad the production is going so well.

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