Do You Want Fryes With That?

No, no. Stop laughing at my incredibly clever title for my newest fashion installment.


I love Frye boots. These ones are (I fear) on their last legs. Bought off Ebay for about $70.00 five years ago the soles on the bottom of the boots are now cracking and they leak. A lot. Which in Alaska in the snow can be a little lame. But they’re beautiful and old and look like they’ve been around since the 70’s (because they actually have) and no amount of distressing/destroying brand-new boots can do that.. You gotta love Frye’s…they last forever.

The play that Revive the Red Tent (my theatre company) produced opened on Friday. This is what I wore.


This post would be brought to you by Value Village, Ebay and the generosity of friends. I found this skirt at Value Village when I was in the middle of girl-crush-on-Joan-of-Mad-Men phase and looking for all the tight, high-waisted garments I could get my hands on. This skirt sure makes a gal feel curvy, but it also makes a gal not used to spandex-esque skirts feel like her skirt might be just a wee bit too tight.


Meghan, my awesome co-worker, continues to be incredibly generous with her time and runs out into the snow and sunshine 2-3 times a week to take my picture. The shoot today was cold so we got a few shots and ran back inside. (Bonus points if you can find the solitary Sabine dog hair that is stuck in the waistline of my skirt.)


379732_781763812532_1616081381_nThe show was absolutely beautiful. We had roughly 25 people attend Friday and almost 20 attend on Saturday. That’s about average for audiences of Revive the Red Tent performances. I love our audiences; small, dedicated and supportive. I could not ask for better.

Meghan has a good eye so when she tells me to do something I do it. Below is an example of her saying, “Anna, look at the tree.” I look at the tree. Thank you Meghan.


Brown Frye Boots – Bought used on Ebay years ago. Warm Socks – Bought on Clearance at Fred Meyer’s. Grey Fleece Leggings – Gift from the fabulous Ms. Clara. Wet Seal Wiggle Skirt – Value Village. Black Express Shirt – Value Village. Same Fabulous Jewelry from this post from Anna Waschke and Jschlo.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


7 thoughts on “Do You Want Fryes With That?

  1. I agree with Jenny…if just the soles are worn out, that’s an easy fix! They’ll be almost as good as new once you get them resoled.

  2. Lovely Anna, great skirt and boots, beautiful on you! Also, I recognized those fleecy leggings right away, they are the best! Sabine hair spotted, check.

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