Fashion Friday

This post to is brought to you by Dead Tired Doreen (aka the ‘Me’ of Maple and Me.) This week has been crazy – I’m in the midst of the second week of a three week back-to-back series of shows and rehearsals that has consisted largely of super-busy 16-18 hour days.

The Preview for ‘The Luxury of Suffering’ (the latest production of my theatre company) is tonight, then, after the official opening tomorrow, I get to sslleeeeeepppp. I am very excited.


Diptic (2)

The sun on the snow was beautiful today. The weather has stayed pretty nice the last few weeks (around 2 degrees most days) and everyone up here has already started itching for Spring. It is absolutely amazing the difference the sun makes in taking photographs – so much better than self-portraits in fluorescent lights. The sun was in my face; hence the squinting-unhappy-expression in the photo above.


This Fashion Friday features two of my most favorite Value Village finds ever. These J.Crew leggings jeans are the best pair of skinny jeans I own, hands down. I try to minimize how much I wear them because I want them to last as long as possible. I’ve looked and looked on J.Crew’s website, but I’ve never found a pair like this one. It’s like for one glorious, singular moment J.Crew made high-quality jeggings and then abruptly stopped the next day, leaving a bewildered, huddled clutch of hipsters in the dirt. This amazingly bright plaid shirt is that one piece of clothing you are always guaranteed compliments on. It’s by Sparkle and Fade so it’s (again) really nice, high-quality fabric with a bit of stretch.


Black Merrell Boot – Bought new a few years ago. J.Crew Legging Denim – Value Village. Plaid Sparkle and Fade Top – Value Village. Purple Hippie Tank Top – Bought at Going-Out-Of-Business-Sale from local store. Silver-Plated Blue Earrings – Anna Waschke. Lovely JSchlo Necklace – JSchlo.

My jewelry that I’ve been wearing all week was made by two amazing Alaskan artists. My beautiful earrings are made by Anna Waschke (whose website can be found here.) Anna makes gorgeous, funky boxes, beautiful necklaces and earrings in every color one could imagine. I’ve wanted one of the boxes that she makes for years, but I’ve made do with owning approximately 10 pairs of her earrings instead.

My amazing necklace was made by my dear friend Schlo, as a gift for being her Bridesmaid. Schlo makes all kinds of awesome, unique jewelry which she sells on her Etsy shop (found here.) My favorite feature of this necklace is the delicate detail of a small, single pearl next to the larger purple stone. Simple, beautiful and unique; Schlo knows my taste in jewelry well.

Cheers and Love,
Maple and Me


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Congratulations on your latest production! It’s been in the low 50s around here. I’m shivering and you’re not. I don’t get it! 🙂

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