Stripes of All Kinds!

Happy Tuesday!

Seeing as Fashion Friday has been such a success (and such fun to do) I’m going to bump up my fashion bloggins to twice a week! I don’t think more than twice a week is super feasible for right now (I don’t shower that much) but hopefully I’ll manage to pull something together at least twice a week that’s blog-worthy.

Given how easily prone I am to weekly blog titles that have a certain onomatopoeia, I’ve decided to break the mold a little bit and do my best to name a weekly fashion post a different title every week (we’ll see how I do.)

Today’s Fashion Shoot is brought to you by the fabulous photographer Meghan, Modcloth and Clothes Swaps. I was also inspired lately by trying to mix the same pattern in the same outfit. I tried it with stripes today (with a fair amount of success I think.) It’s the surprise of the socks – they’ll get you every time…



Boots – Modcloth, purchased new as part of PFD-splurge. Socks – Urban Outfitters, purchased new several years ago. Warm, Warm Fleece Leggings – Solstice Gift from the lovely Clara Marie. Mossimo Dress – Scrounged at Clothes Swap. Belt – Modcloth, purchased on clearance. Mossimo Cardigan – Gift from the Fab Ms. Molly. Gold Leaf Earrings – Value Village.

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