Fashion Friday!

Today’s Fashion Post is brought to you by Pendleton and Miss Meghan, my fabulous-buddy-photographer. Meghan hung out with me in the 2 degrees weather and snapped a ton of photos, so there’s plenty of imagery in this installment of Fashion Friday.

The biggest challenge to Fashion Friday is getting good light for pictures. It’s always dark when I get home, but it’s not always easy to get away from work to take photos of an outfit.

Today was a good mix though. The light was lovely, Meghan and I both had a few minutes of break, and the weather had warmed from -40 degrees on Monday to a balmy 2 degrees today.

549947_780751042132_608664779_nMina gave me this beautiful Pendleton shirtwaist dress last Christmas. I absolutely adore the dress, but it can be tricky to time with the weather (being made of lined wool.) Today was the perfect day to wear it though, just cool enough inside that I wasn’t overheating the whole day, but also warm enough that I wasn’t even shivering during these photos.


Belt and pockets? Yes please!

Belt and pockets? Yes please!

Close-Up Belt.

Close-Up Belt.

Close-Up Pockets!

Close-Up Pockets!

Pretty Vintage Lace.

Pretty Vintage Lace.


Earrings courtesy of Mina's father...

Earrings courtesy of Mina’s father…

540686_780751341532_931053312_nPendleton Shirtwaist dress – gift from Ms. Mina. Yellow Long-Sleeved J.Crew Shirt – TS. Steger Mukluks – Bought new a few years ago. Black Leggings – bought new at H&M. Lovely Beaded Earrings – Gift from Ms. Mina’s father Mark. Lovely Vintage Slip – TS.

Happy Friday!

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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