Fashion Friday

My New Year’s Resolution to just wear jeans twice a week during the work week is so far going swimmingly! This month I’ve gotten really into wearing button downs under loose dresses; it’s a look that’s comfortable, quick and cute.

Something I’ve really gotten out of reading fashion blogs (other than the knowledge that almost all successful fashion blogs are now completely sponsored and wear  predominantly sponsored clothing) is a new perspective on how clothing can be flexible. I’ve always tended to view a dress as a dress to be worn solely as a dress. Fashion Blogs have gotten me excited about wearing a skirt over a dress so that the top of the dress just looks like a top. I’ve also gotten excited about wearing scarves to cover low-cut shirts and shirts under dresses (to cover tattoos.) I’ve always thought it would look way too bulky to play with clothes like that, but so far it’s working out all right.

Sassy Model Face GO.

Sassy Model Face GO.

Back View.

Back View.



Red Zipper.

Red Zipper. Purple Tights.



Boots – MaddenGirl, bought on clearance at Fred Meyer’s. Socks – Fashion Socks, bought on clearance at Fred Meyer’s. Tights – No brand, bought somewhere years ago. Shirt – Old Navy, TS. Dress – Spencer and Marks, procured at awesome clothing swap.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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