Weekly Wednesday

Listening to this song.

On repeat. Daily. Maple can probably attest (at this point) to just how much I love this song.

Learning all about chickens. Maple and I sat down and ran through a rough schedule of the summer. While the key word to sum up the summer plans would definitely be “BUSY” I think we’ve got a fair handle on things. My top three projects (besides, you know, the foundation/stub walls of a house) are chickens, topsoil for the garden and building fences around the garden areas and dog yard (to keep moose out.) I’ve wanted chickens for years and Maple has promised me that, of all the projects that we want to work on, chickens are guaranteed to happen. In anticipation I’ve been reading up a bunch on keeping these fine fowls. Maple and myself are in agreement that we want to have meat birds as well as laying hens. Maple hunkered down for about 45 minutes on Sunday and, using the same software that we’re designing our house in, designed a lovely, simple coop design. We’ve started scouring the TS in anticipation of scrap wood to build the coop out of. Our top two colors are:

Bright Red.

Bright Red.

Dark Black.

Stark Black.

What say you faithful ‘Maple and Me’ readers? Thoughts?

Loving Clothes Swaps. Seriously the best way to revitalize one’s wardrobe. Two buddies have separately hosted clothes swaps in the last few weeks. Not only is it awesome to while an afternoon away swapping and giggling with a buncha awesome ladies, but to get a ton of amazing new threads whilst getting rid of clothes you never wear? Yes please.


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