Gifts from Pegls

Maple and my’s dear friend’s Chrissy’s mother Pegls (didja follow that?) is a woman very close to my and Maple’s hearts. Pegls is a very kind and generous person who sent us just about the sweetest Solstice/Christmas package you could ever receive.

Pegls is an artist, both with plants and ceramics. Her Solstice/Christmas box was full of ceramics, sliced ham and coffee; basically the best date night you could ask for. Maple was given a pinch pot which we will plant a succulent in come Summertime. I was given the most beautiful, perfectly spherical, tiny pot I have ever seen.

'Rain Forest. 2008'

‘Rain Forest’ Made in 2008

Perspective in the palm of your hand.

Perspective in the palm of your hand.

The first photo is the only photo I took that really captured the beautiful color of my tiny pot. Almost white at the base, the color slowly fades into a very light blue/green. It’s stunning.

Pinch Pot.

Pinch Pot.

Before Chrissy and Justin ever met Maple’s mother bought a pinch pot from Chrissy’s mother. Knowing that bit of family lore, Pegls gave Maple a pinch pot with the simple note, “From me and your mother.” Maple got a little misty eyed and, to be fair, he was not the only one.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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