Fashion Friday

My sister and I have been talking lately of the ‘Modcloth Crack.’ See, I love Modcloth. I’ve had to learn to love it even more since I’ve made a really significant push in my personal life to stop buying clothes at Anthropologie and Free People because it just gives more money to the heinous Richard Hayne (the Urban Outfitters/Free People/Anthro CEO who gave money to Rick Santorum. And that should tell you all you need to know.)

I struggle because I love Anthro and Free People. I was sad to a somewhat ridiculous degree that actually really belies my efforts to strive to be non-materialistic when I found out who owned those brands and who I was actually giving money to.

Thank goodness for Modcloth though. For a company that’s grown from an initially tiny website to a huge internet presence, it still feels (mostly) like what the site started out as: lots of vintage inspired stuff made for and by people with real bodies. I like a lot of what Modcloth creates and sells and they’ve also got a pretty good plus-size section which I really like in a women-not-hating-their-natural-bodies sort of way. (In comparison the biggest size Anthro sells is a 14.) I also really like their programs like “Be the Buyer” and the feedback that they have on a lot of their clothes.

However, sometimes Modcloth just creates the weirdest clothes you’ve ever seen and tries to convince you that only the most confident, kitschy and independent young fashionista (who we all want to be, right?) would dare to wear this fabulous piece of clothing. ‘The Modcloth Crack’ starts after staring at their website for a few hours…by now you’ve seen a shirt with a flamingo on it, leggings with sharks on them, and just about everything you’ve ever thought of with a bird on it…Right about now those vegan faux-leather leggings start to look pretty reasonable. You start to picture yourself in flats, faux-vegan leather leggings and perhaps a fuzzy sweater, sipping a cup of tea and working on your blog. “How cute I’d be,” you think, “If someone came along and snapped my picture, I’d look like I’d just stepped right out of Modcloth.” That’s the danger zone right there. You are on the verge of falling into the Modcloth black hole where you come out some $250 poorer, but richer in a whole bunch of clothes that probably look like this:

These are $127.00 by the way...

These pants are $127.00 by the way…

The Modcloth Crack is a dangerous thing. I narrowly missed purchasing the above mentioned faux-leather vegan leggings last week. I was, in fact, saved by a last minute text message from my sister that started with ‘Gee, I don’t love them.’ She’s a wise, wise woman my sister.

Modcloth easily comes out ahead though, with many more absolutely amazing items than a girl could ever hope to stuff in her closet.

My top five faves on the Modcloth website right now would be:

Sheer Style Top in Navy

Sheer Style Top in Navy

I love tie necks. LOVE THEM. There’s something so retro (yet versatile) about tie necks. I also love that this shirt is slightly sheer (so good for layering) but sort of floaty too. You could tuck this into a pencil skirt or have it all flowy with a pair of skinny jeans.

Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Mint

Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Mint

This bag is almost $200 dollars. Which is the main reason I don’t currently own it. I love bright colors, and the color of this bag is definitely what drew me to it initially. The winters are so dark in Fairbanks; all bright splashes of color are most welcome!

Backyard Feast Dress in Birds

Backyard Feast Dress in Birds

Modcloth designs definitely vacillate between the archetypal 1950’s good girl who just wants to be a productive member of society and go to to the dance with the cutest boy in school and the archetypal bad girl who shows up at the dance to steal the good girl’s date. I am drawn more to the Good Girl looks of late (like the above dress, LOVE IT) but I gotta say, there’s about 95% of me that’s always drawn to the tackiest dress in the room. My family calls me a Magpie – if it’s shiny, I have to have it.

Stroke of Genius Dress

Stroke of Genius Dress

Your initial reaction might be, “There’s a lot going on with that dress.” I would agree with you, yes, yes there is. Do I still absolutely love it? Yes I do.

Right Here Heel in Brown

Right Here Heel in Brown

I love these shoes, they’re so vintage and chic and I love the shade of brown. In my head I would wear them often with tights and cute little skirts. They’re reasonably priced as well (about $60.) The only drawback? They have sold out of my size. However they still have plenty of shoes in every size except mine. Me? Bitter? Oh, not at all!

I love vintage and vintage-inspired clothing so very, very much. In my head I’m a 1950’s hottie, running an office with cool efficiency and coordinated jewelry. In real life I’m stressed, sweaty, and often mistaken for a student worker at the college that I work at. Thank goodness for fashion, which lets us dream.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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