Weekly Wednesday

Listening to Father John Misty. Anything off the “Fear Fun” album is absolutely amazing.

Learning to call Justin my ‘husband.’ After being raised in a very non-traditional family where ‘partner’ was the preferred term, ‘husband’ has been harder for me to say than I thought it would be. I think this is mostly because I think of Maple as a partner in love, life and projects. I sat down a little over the weekend to see if there was something that I wasn’t acknowledging about my resistance to the word ‘husband.’ After thinking about it a little bit I realized that because I grew up with parents who either chose not to marry, or who are unable to marry, I am used to the term ‘partner’ as the norm for describing the one you choose to live, laugh and grow with the way that others are used to ‘husband’ and ‘wife.’ I’ll still use ‘partner’ for Maple, but I am also trying to redefine to myself what I think of when I hear the word ‘husband’ and, slowly but surely, my sweet woodsman is coming into focus.

Loving my husband.


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