Steger Mukluk Contest!

A few weeks ago Maple entered the 2013 Men’s Steger Mukluk Contest on Facebook. For his entry Maple submitted this photo, taken on our wedding day, of our wedding shoes. Steger Mukluks is giving away a combined total of $1,800 in Steger credit for their men’s, women’s and couple’s contest and Maple and myself were more than eager to throw our photo into the ring in the hopes of some sweet new Steger Mukluks, guilt free.


Maple and I were actually in the lead for a few days (much to our joy), then we slid to #2 (which we held for about two weeks, much to our nail-biting anticipation) and now we’ve slid all the way down to #5 (much to our abject sorrow.)

In all seriousness, it’s nice to be so high in the rankings, and I’m happy so many people like the photo of our wedding shoes.

However, In case there are any bloggins followers who haven’t liked the photo on Facebook, it’d be real swell if you’d head over to the Steger’s page on Facebook and give the photo a little love. Steger Mukluks are just about the best brand of shoes you’ll ever find for the far north; incredibly warm, incredibly comfortable, and the best quality I’ve ever found in winter shoes. (Fun Fact: They’re pretty stylish too!)

Stegers website is here:

To vote for us in the contest you do have to have a Facebook account. The contest is won entirely on how many ‘likes’ a photo has, so the more ‘likes’ our photo has the better!

1. Go to

2. In the search bar type in ‘Steger Mukluks’

3. Go to their page and ‘Like’ their page.

4. Scroll down a little and click on the 2013 Men’s Photo Contest.

5. When you see Maple’s photo, click on it (to make it bigger) and then hit ‘Like’ next to the photo.

There’s some other beautiful photos in all three contests (men’s, women’s and couple’s) so feel free to take a few moments and give the people sharing their love of Steger a little love themselves.

Cheers and Love

Maple and Me

P.S. I want to enter the Couple’s contest next year for sure.


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