A Fire Fan – At Last!

I have wanted one of these for years.


Ecofans are amazing; little cast iron beauties that sit atop a stove and circulate air around the room. Since there’s only one company with a patent on them – they’re a little pricey for my and Maple’s ‘building a house’ budget. Thanks to an incredibly generous elopement gift from my father however, we are now the proud owners of an Ecofan!

Watching an Ecofan is pretty magical, even when you understand how the science works; the heat radiating from the stove powers the fan and the hotter the stove burns, the faster the fan turns. The newest addition (to the already exciting) nightly activity that is Maple and myself narrating our dog’s activities with their different voices; is the watching of the Ecofan! (How did we get so exciting? I have no idea…)


Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


4 thoughts on “A Fire Fan – At Last!

    • I think it’s a mark of someone’s character that they have a voice for their animal. It means that they have spent a significant amount of time talking to them (and eventually had to start wondering what voice those big, beautiful eyes would respond with…)

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