Fashion Friday!

I spent some time on New Year’s Day thinking about Fashion. See, I love fashion. I love clothes. I love shopping for clothes. I love creating outfits and reading fashion magazines and playing the ‘If I Had Tons of Money’ game on-line at Modcloth and Anrthropologie. When I was younger I thought I was super shallow for enjoying clothes, fashion and style so much and I always tried to downplay (both to myself and others) just how much I loved clothes.

During my Freshman year of College I met an amazing woman – one Clara Marie – who referred to her fashion as ‘Art.’ Clara was a very formative person for me to know, in many ways, but fashion-wise Clara inspired me (through how she shopped, dressed and drooled over catalogs) to stop beating myself up over how much I liked clothes. It didn’t make me shallow or materialistic (unless that was all I cared about and then that’s a different story) because I didn’t see it making Clara shallow or materialistic – it just made her have bad-ass style.

For the past few months, with all the changes that have happened and everything being slightly chaotic constantly, I’ve definitely been feeling super uninspired about fashion. Add to that the new employment as an admin in an office structure and that my body is definitely showing that I now sit for 8 hours a day and the end result is that I’ve been hiding out in my black shirts and baggy jeans for a few months. Which does a disservice to my awesome closet.

So for a New Year’s goal, I’ve decided to blog once a week about fashion. I think usually it’ll be an outfit that I’ve worn that week but it could also just be a fashion trend I like, or a DIY project I’m attempting. Blogging has been such a positive influence on the latter part of my year, and since I love looking through fashion blogs, I thought this would be a fun addition to ‘Maple and Me’ for 2013. I’ll try to refrain from an overabundance of bathroom-mirror-shots but no promises.

On par with the awesome creativity that led to ‘Weekly Wednesday’ I’m calling it ‘Fashion Friday!’ Such a wellspring of creative thought I know…

Outfit #1:

Justin called this my 'Sultry Bathroom Pose"

Justin called this my ‘Sultry Bathroom Pose’

It was hard not to look like an elementary student posing for her school photo.

It was hard not to look like an elementary student posing for her school photo.

Close-up of shoes.

Close-up of shoes.

Gap Floral Shirt – Gift from the fabulous Ms. Mandi. GNW Dress (with pockets!) – TS. Brown Cheap-ie Belt – TS. H&M Black Leggings – Bought new on Kentucky va-cay. Striped Socks – Bought new at Urban Outfitters a few years ago. Justin Boots – Gifts from the fabulous Ms. Dasha.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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