Weekly Wednesday!

Listening to lots of Tracy Chapman. Maple is not a huge fan of Tracy Chapman (to put it mildly) but he went hunting for most of Monday so I got to have a super quiet and chill New Year’s eve doing the dishes, painting shelves and listen to the sweet tones of Tracy. Maybe it’s because I listened to her so much when I was very young, but there’s something in her voice that calms me the same way that eating comfort food calms me.

Learning that the Subsistence life is possible through much, much persistence and small steps. Maple went hunting (on the aforementioned Monday) with our good friend Matt and they both shot beautiful, beautiful caribous. This was about the fifteenth time this year that Matt and Maple went hunting together so they certainly win an award for persistence. We say such thanks to this beautiful animal for the meat it provides and the hide and bones we can use. New Year’s day was spent running the Line and then going over to Matt and Mandy’s house where Maple and Matt butchered the caribous. Mandy (Matt’s partner) and I were more than willing to help, but the space they were working in was super small and cramped, so Mandy and I had to content ourselves with hanging out and drinking mimosas.

With it being New Year’s day and all, I thought a lot yesterday about new years, new goals and new directions. It’s super exciting to me that Maple and myself are closer every year to being able to get out of the supermarket and back to the land as we grow/hunt/fish/trap more and more of our food. Maple and myself are also a year closer to being able to start a family and, financially, a big push on work for the Homehome is looking feasible for this summer. This is all very exciting in many, many directions – I just have to keep keep reminding myself: Small Steps.

Loving my family. My moms came up to visit myself, Maple and my brother Alex for the Holidays. We hung out at the Ice Park, ate Thai Food, cooked sushi, watched Holiday Movies and generally had a smashing time. This was the only group photo taken on the trip but it’s a good’un.


Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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