Weekly Wednesday

It’s crazy to think it’s Wednesday already…the last few days flying by in the lovely, chaotic, flurry of the Holidays with family in town. However, it’s Wednesday! (I woke up today and thought, “Oh, right. It’s Wednesday.”) So.

Listening to lots of Christmas tunes. I’ve never been a huge fan of Christmas music (Scrooge strikes again!) but my mother Terri brought up a few CD’s of instrumental Christmas tunes comprised mostly of piano and cello. They’re lovely, and my little Scrooge-y heart opens a few sizes more with every rendition of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ that I am not subjected to.

Learning that homemade gifts really are the best. My family has shifted in the past few years to a family that gives primarily found/made gifts. This year my brother gave me an amazing old found thermostat and my mother Terri gave us all artwork that she had made (I’ll post photos soon!) Maple and my’s little handmade creations were a hit as well. Now that they’re finally made I can publish my blog about making them.

Loving that my generous Aunt Berta (we call her ‘Berta Baker!’) sent me just about the biggest box of individually wrapped Christmas cookies that one could hope for. Though the cookies were delivered to our house (When I got to the door I exclaimed, “UPS delivers out here?!” and the Maple the Woodsman replied, “That’s what that extra pair of tracks on the driveway were about.” Ah, Alaska.) and left outside at -40 for several hours, once the cookies thawed they were none the worse for wear. The photo below is of the just-opened cardboard box from which the cookies spilled. Delicious!


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