Snorri the Christmas Pig

To all those who celebrate Christmas – Merry Christmas! I hope your day is full of warmth, laughter and light.

At the ol’ Garagehome we don’t have reindeer or elves, but we do have Snorri! (Snorri, our sweet, docile black lab) is the dog that is already fated to be dressed up in petticoats, bonnets and made to sit for tea by wee ones. Really, Snorri will do anything if you feed her; a fact that our hypothetical children will no doubt exploit to no end once they figure it out.

Maple and myself had grand plans of dressing the dogs up in baklavas, scarves and mittens and taking a few group photos. Sabine refuses to have her picture taken (and she weighs roughly 75 pounds) so she was out of the photo pretty quickly. Gunnar sat for a bit, but when the clothes came out he decided he had better things to do. This left our sweet, chubby lab (whose nicknames include pre-Anna endearments that Chrissy and Justin came up with such as ‘Pig’, ‘Chubby Bubby’ and ‘Snooki.’ (Let me reiterate really quickly: they came up with ‘Snooki’ before I showed up.) And post-Anna nicknames such as ‘Manatee’ and ‘Sea Cow.’ I feel these nicknames illustrate both Snorri’s physique and temperament (except for ‘Snooki’.)

So. In lieu of a posed photo of all of us, I present a posed photo of Snorri wearing my snowmachine gauntlets. We gave her food after we took these photos so don’t be fooled by that pained expression on her face. She’s really just resigned as she looks towards the future, and all the bonnets, petticoats and ribbons that it holds for her.

The Gauntlets of Christmas(shame).

The Gauntlets of Christmas(shame).

Merry Christmas from Maple and Snorri - The Christmas Pig.

Merry Christmas from Maple and Snorri – The Christmas Pig.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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