A Holiday Letter – Coming Your Way!

Maple and I were adults this year and wrote a Holiday Letter! That’s something great about being an adult – you get to go for the ‘Win’ on a daily basis.

Did you get to your job on time? +1.

Did you remember to put gas in the car? +1.

Did you remember to write ‘Thank You’ cards for people? +2!

Seeing as how I run a balance of -2 most days because of my inability to mail a package/letter in under two weeks, I was pretty pumped that Maple and I actually accomplished a Holiday Letter in the first year we set out to do it. (Maple’s and myself often having goals that are…years in the making.)

Writing a Holiday Letter was pretty fun. Bonus fun points also included watching Maple the Print Shop Supervisor geek out over our Holiday Letter turning it into a multi-page-double-sided-photos-with-rounded-edges-and-really-great-type Letter of Glory.

Want one? Send an email to annagagnehawes@hotmail.com with your address. Please include some fun fact about Maple or Me to prove that you are not a robot.

Look at all those Holiday Letters!

Look at all those Holiday Letters!

Fancy Foldout.

Fancy Foldout.

First batch addressed and ready to go!

First batch addressed and ready to go!

Mail, mail, mail.

Mail, mail, mail.

Cheer and Love,

Maple and Me


3 thoughts on “A Holiday Letter – Coming Your Way!

  1. I can’t wait to see the letter! It will be a “keeper”–important items from my kids! I sent this before, but just in case:
    Betty Anderson
    817 Ashland Ave.
    Shelbyville, KY 40065

  2. Ahhh! These look so awesome! Props to you two for thinking this up and executing it. I hope you both are enjoying the holidays to the fullest like it looks like you are and that your Solstice was equally delightful 🙂

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