Transfer Site Find o’ the Week!

Just in time for Solstice and Christmastime and the Holiday Season, Maple and Myself found this beauty at the TS.

It's an æbleskiver!

An æbleskiver pan!

“A what?” you murmur in wonder at the (slightly beat-up) box that Maple pulled out from underneath an empty cardboard box in the re-use area of the TS. “An æbleskiver pan!” we say proudly.

Sometimes we find stuff that, while we don’t know exactly what it is, we know instinctively that it’s a) really cool, b) will make a great gift, c) some cool item that we couldn’t make up what it’s supposed to do but we will now use all the time and brag about at dinner parties or d) all of the above.

This treasure was sold (or bought) for just 1.50 before given to the TS.

This treasure was sold (or bought) for just 1.50 before given to the TS.

Usually when these sort of finds occur we head home we jump on ol wiki-don’t-cite-it-on-your-college-or-high-school-papers-pedia and see if we can get some clues. Wiki-DCIOYCOHSP-pedia did not disappoint us this time.

“Æbleskiver are cooked on the stove top by baking in a special pan with several hemispherical indentations. The pan exists in versions for gas and electrical stoves (the latter with a plain bottom). Pans are usually made of cast iron, allowing good heat conduction. Traditional models in hammered copper plate exist but are today used primarily for decoration.” – Wiki-DCIOYCOHSP-pedia

Our cool little Æbleskiver pan is for a gas stove (how convenient, that’s what we have!)

“In Denmark, æbleskiver are common before Christmas. In December, they are often served with Scandinavian mulled wine.” – Wiki-DCIOYCOHSP-pedia

Why, how convenient! We just found ours right before Solstice! The TS elves help again!


For the direct source on the Æbleskiver pan go to

Cheers and love,

Maple and Me


6 thoughts on “Transfer Site Find o’ the Week!

    • Sounds like a date! We’re going to try to figure out how the heck you make Æbleskiver tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll have it all figured out by the time you run the line with us next weekend! xoxo

  1. Let us know how the goodies turn out. Watch for package mailed to Justin at work. Is supposed to arrive Christmas eve. It’s amazing how things just fit together for people full of love and adventure!

    • Betty Anderson! You might have just earned yourself a thank-you card with the “Maple and Me” patented stamp on it! Thanks for always sending such positive, sweet messages to myself and Justin! You are a treasure.
      Cheers and love (and Merry Christmas!)

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