Art from Namee!

I have a friend named Christy Namee Eriksen. She is an amazing woman who humbles and inspires me. She is an amazing activist, a beautiful poet, a strong mama and just generally a fierce (and foxy!) lady.

Christy recently had an art show in Juneau, Alaska. The show was called “Upwords” and was a collection of quotes from her son Sunwoo. Having seen a small preview of the show on ol’ FB I knew this show was going to be off. the. hook. I immediately messaged Christy asking her to hold aside a couple pieces so that I could buy them. When asked which pieces I would like I asked to be surprised.

Well. I was most pleasantly surprised when the mail arrived (so quickly!) with two AMAZING prints from Ms. Namee. Not only do I love both of these prints, I love the story, idea and artist behind them.


Like the look of these? Christy’s website is

Bonus: All the pieces have little pieces of paper on the back with the transcript of the conversations/interactions between Christy and Sunwoo.

It’s Solstice tonight; the longest night of winter. Tonight is the night I’ll burn a candle from when I get home until I see the sun again in the morning. Solstice is the night that I turn off all the non-necessary electric objects (the fridge does stay on) and sit by the fire all night reading books and writing a letter to myself to read again in a few years. (I got this idea from Jasmine, she of wonderfulness.) There’s a whole bunch of world-ending-Mayan-Calendar brouhaha going on, but I like what my lovely, dear friend Raif posted on FB, “all in all, when we wake up the morning after solstice and realize the mayans just quit counting, lets take a deep breath and get ready to begin a new age.”

I know tonight, in the wee hours of the morning when the night is darkest and the light seems so far away, I will ‘Look into my Hearts’ in the glow of a candle and welcome in the next year of warmth, light and laughter with all the supportive, loving energies I am blessed to know.

Cheers and love,

Maple and Me


2 thoughts on “Art from Namee!

  1. I love the winter solstice tradition. I know it will include thinking about your amazing new life with a very dear husband. Thank you for taking your KY family along on the journey. I now have two “Fox Fire” kids! My heart is full of love and dreams of endless joy for the two of you.

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