Happy Anniversary

Maple gave me a beautiful bracelet for our anniversary (which we treat as the First Friday in November.) The artist is Kristen Summerlin and she can be found at http://tincupdesigns.blogspot.com/

Though ordered a few weeks prior to our anniversary I just got my bracelet on Tuesday, but it was absolutely worth the wait! One thing I adore about Maple is that he is very willing to go out on a limb with gifts and asks for items to be made custom for me. Maple has a knack for knowing what I’ll love; for my birthday he gave me a pair of earrings that I already had (he had never seen me wear the pair I already owned, but he saw another pair of the same earrings in a store and thought I would love them.) For Solstice this year he made me a pair of earrings that were carbon copies of another pair of earrings I already owned (again, that he had never seen me wear.)

It’s become a bit of a joke now between us of how similar our tastes are. With the sole exception of rompers (which, somehow, Maple has missed the fashion boat on) we’re pretty much on the same page.

I am a very lucky lady.


Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

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