Weekly Wednesday

Listening to this sweet YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGwwJEE7k48) about 4-5 times a day. Maple is in love…with the spirited individual who plays this inspiring tune.

Learning that making Christmas gifts by hand is a lot harder than the ‘Crafty Girl’ blogs make it look. I’m making (by hand) the bulk of my little presents for people this year. I love giving gifts, and I am already looking forward to saying, “We made these for everyone! Aren’t they sweet and wonderful?” But man, when my hands hurt and I’m tired of tightly wrapping yarn around wooden shapes I start thinking about hurling an cute, little handmade objets-d’art at someone and, slowly, through gritted teeth saying, “Here’s your gift. You better appreciate it! It might look small, and like it took five minutes, but it actually took closer to fifteen, and you try making forty-five of them! Your hands will start to swell and hurt!!” Around the office, I’ve earned the name ‘Scrooge’ which makes me think I need to work on my attitude…

Loving this photo of Maple and Me. We eloped on Saturday. This is right after June (our Marriage Official) told us we were husband and wife.



5 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday

  1. You guys are so cute! Matchy .. and suspenders!!

    Also, I totally understand about the handmade gifts. Almost everything I post online is the “pretty version” after a zillion mess-ups and much more time than expected. Crafting usually makes me less crazy, if I do it the right way, at my own pace without pressure or a deadline. Kurt can attest, I’ve been that crazy lady who has wept over a hog leg at midnight on Christmas Eve, because of wayward crafting expectations. Hopefully those days are over! Yikes. Nowadays I’m not as idealistic and regularly ask myself, will this contribute to good times or a nervous breakdown?

    • ‘Crazy lady who has wept over a hog leg at midnight’ is going to be my new catchphrase for when I’m going crazy with crafting. I think it would also make a fantastic internet meme, if either of us has some extra time today…

      I’m trying to do more crafting without deadlines (or expectation of who it will go to) so that I can just have some cool craft-made items on-hand to give as gifts when the time is right. I’m also trying to get in the habit of making something as an experiment first, and then making it as a gift to give away, thus cutting down on the ‘THIS DIDN’T TURN OUT RIGHT I HAVE NO BACK-UP’ crisis that Maple could attest to me having one or two times…

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