Dancing Ladies and Wind Carvings

On the trapline I see many, many beautiful sights, especially on the days when it’s warmer and we hike. Our line is on a fairly steep hill, so it’s an easy 1.5 miles down and a not-so-easy 1.5 mile trek back up. It’s interesting how your perspective shifts depending on which direction you’re headed. Some sights pop out at me when I’m hiking down and I think I’ll take a picture on the way back up, yet on the way back up I can’t find it.

The wind can be brutal up on the hill and the tree cover sparse, which can result in numb fingers and noses. However, the wind does result in the neatest little wind carvings, where the air has carved the snow in various shapes which then freezes. I call them – as another example of my intensely creative descriptive phrases – Wind Carvings.

Little Grandma perched precariously.

Snow Mama Cradles Spruce Needle Baby.

Basking in the Sunshine.

Lump on a Stump.

Big and Small.

Close-Up Big.

Close-Up Small.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a houses full of Goddess art, but whenever I see trees with branches thrown up into the sky, I always think of dancing ladies; their arms thrown above them in abandon, their hair waving. I took pictures this last week of the ladies that most caught my eye, but feel free to see in them whatever you will…


Dancer Up-Close.

Fall Down on Oneself.



Driftwood Deadwood.



Dancer with Arms Above Her Head.



Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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