Weekly Wednesday!

Listening to the new XX album. I love the XX; super sexy music, that’s also really good to zone out to. Their new album is called ‘Coexist’ and it’s AMAZING. The XX website can be found at http://thexx.info/

Loving Maple and my’s Solstice tree! We found it on Sunday, and, though a bit of a Charlie Brown Tree, it’s the perfect size for the cozy Garagehome.

Maple and Tree

Me and Tree

Our tiny tree for our tiny Garagehome – the only room we really had was on the table!

Learning that we need more ornaments. Our tree is tiny, but still a little bare. Not pictured here, but our tree is topped with an animal vertebrae that we found at the TS (cue the creeeeepy people music…) I love that almost all of our ornaments are made by friends, and I’m interested in making a few more ornaments by hand. Does anyone have any good websites/projects that they’ve loved?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday!

  1. Check out my Yuletide pinterest for lots of ornament ideas! 🙂
    I want to make the cinnamon stars someday here soon. And other craftiness of course… Homesteadly GarageHome date?

    • Homesteadly Garagehome date FOR SURE! I found what I want to make this year as gifts for everyone. On (I think) Juniper Moon blog, little lamb cut-outs with yarn wrapped around it for ornaments.

      I’ll make the tea and Maple’ll make the burbot and you could come over and craft to your hearts content…

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