Coffee Counter, Running Water and Maple’s Mashed Potatoes

What a weekend this holiday weekend was! In four days so very much was accomplished (namely, a whole lot of eating.) Maple and myself ate tons of good food, hung out with some of the very best people one could know, worked on our shed roof, ran our line and went on several walks. For the actual enormous meal that was consumed on the Thursday of Thankfulness, Maple made mashed potatoes! They were cheesy, buttery mashed potatoes and served in the finest bowl from the TS you ever found!

Pre-bake. Mashed potatoes. Cheddar. Parmesan.

Cute pan, huh?

The finished cheesy delish dish.

As always in Maple and my’s life, there was some time at home for some home improvement projects!

Now Maple and myself live in a dry Garagehome, meaning no running water. We have an Outhouse, and haul jugs of water. But this weekend, and due to no small amount of effort on Maple’s part, we now have a cold water faucet with running water.

Drinking water still comes out of jugs, but dishes, hair/hand washing and cooking all now come out of a sink that is powered by a(n outdoor) fountain pump. It’s amazing.

The tub: bought new(!) The rolling base: Scrapped from Maple’s work.

Water Out.

The switch that controls the water. The lighted switch helps us find it in the dark. Isn’t Maple thoughtful?

This faucet works and is the super basic model bought new(!) from Lowes. Our super-funky TS faucet is now on a little altar, waiting for it’s day in the Homehome.

We also got around to staining our kitchen counter. Maple and myself built this counter about a month after we first got together. We built it for about $50 out of 2×4’s that we sanded down. We’ve been accidentally staining it with coffee, raspberries, juice and various other organic materials for the past year, all the while casually talking about, “How pretty these coffee stains are, the other stains are kind of gross…maybe we should try staining the counter with just coffee, wouldn’t that be pretty and subtle?” This project had slipped to the back of my mind but Maple got all motivated on Friday (I think I was still digesting) and sanded the counter down and stained it with coffee grounds. Pictures as follows.

Start by sanding down past the ‘scummy’ layer of counter.

Take coffee grounds

Add water

Coffee grounds go on…

And then left on for several hours to really achieve a good ‘stain.’

What a lovely hue…

We left the grounds on for about 3 hours (til they dried.) The counter looks absolutely beautiful! I think it definitely helps that we were using plain 2×4’s, but for a cheap, non-toxic alternative for staining one’s counter, this one worked really well!


Maple and Me

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