The Mail is Here! DIY Marten Sets

Maple found this link ( about a year ago; it’s about how to create Marten Sets with Newspaper boxes. Shortly after that we began collecting old Daily News-Miner paper boxes that we found at the Transfer Site. (Affectionately called ‘The Daily News Minus’ by grumpy locals and home to the most ill-informed, grammatically poor on-line ‘Comments’ section you’ll ever meet, our local paper is nonetheless, one I’m happy to read every day.)

When we had about six, we set about making our sets. Here we go from start to finish!

Step #1: Assemble Boxes

Step #2: Remove metal brackets on base

Step #3: Mark slot spots with a Sharpie

Step #4: Cut out slots

Step #5: Cut tabs off with scissors

All assembled!

The whole process only took about 20 minutes working together. Super easy. These boxes sell for about $20 each, so it’s a super quick and easy way to save yourself some cash.

It was amazing how the traps did fit. Perfectly.

Once finished it oddly looks like a mailbox. In the middle of the woods. About 2 miles away from any postal route.

This was my favorite picture I took all day. I liked how the sun hit the tree.


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