Weekly Wednesday #1

On one of my very favoritest blogs, “Whirly Bird” (find it here: http://johannainman.blogspot.com/) Johanna does this awesome thing called ‘Tiny Tuesday’ where she’ll send out a little snippet of something most Tuesdays. I love it. I look forward to my ‘Tiny Tuesday’ updates from Johanna. (Wednesday I look forward to the new Savage Love, Tuesday I get awesome photos/poetry/ideas from Ms. Lovely Johanna. I’m still looking to for blogs or websites to fill my Monday/Thursday/Friday…Suggestions?)

In the same vein (but not to totally steal Ms. Johanna’s thunder) I thought I’d do a little ‘Weekly Wednesday’ with a little update on what I’m listening to, what I’m loving at the moment and what I’m learning right now. I thought I’d call it (drum roll please) ‘Loving, Listening and Learning.’ (And yes, I bet you never, ever saw that one coming!)

So for this first installment…here you go!

Listening To: Basia Bulat “Heart of My Own.” This is BEAUTIFUL, low-key music, perfect for the reflective, quiet days of winter. Give her a listen, trust me, you will not regret it. Basia’s website can be found here: http://basiabulat.com/

Loving: The fact that Maple and I have started making sushi every week. Handmade sushi. In the interest of full transparency I should probably admit that Maple makes the sushi, I simply provide the necessary moral support.

Not the prettiest rolls Maple has ever made…but they were DELICIOUS!

I’m also loving that Maple and I both have our rings now. We bought his at Taylor’s (at the Teddy Bear Plaza) in Fairbanks, Alaska. His ring is titanium with a silver inset band. My ring is from Scotland via Etsy and is silver with a leaf imprint.


Learning: About DIY marten sets. Maple and myself made six marten sets out of Daily News-Miner Paper Boxes on Saturday. Hint: This is what my blog post on Friday will be about…

I’m also learning about how I have a creepy fascination with animal skulls and feet. I spent a few minutes on the trap line trying to make a heart out of grouse feet. You know who else has uttered that sentence? Serial killers.

Creepy beautiful. I’m like a young Baba Yaga…

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday #1

  1. Two questions: Is it a Maple leaf imprint? Did you know that Justin’ paternal grandmother was a “Cameron” and she had visited Scotland before she died?

  2. Baba Yaga. Love it. And yes. You are. Xoxo

    Juniper moon farm (.com)
    Wednesday – “probably something you would like”
    Friday – “weekend reading”

    Fridays- “things I’m digging”

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