Grilled Cheese – The Gourmet Version

Saturday evening Maple and Me had our friends John and Genevieve over for dinner. John and Genevieve brought a super yummy dessert (of which there are no pictures, I ate it too quickly) of ice cream, strawberries, dark chocolate and Drambuie. Maple and myself had volunteered to make dinner.

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not enjoy cooking. I never have.  I LOVE baking and will bake you as many cookies, scones and loaves of bread as you desire, but cooking? Not so much. I’m lucky (and spoiled) in that I went from a home populated with three excellent cooks (both my moms and my dad) to Miss Clara at UAS who fed me my freshman year of college, and then onto Miss Mina who fed me from 2005-to the present. I seem to gravitate (or just luckily find) people who express their love through cooking, and am therefore the recipient of both love and delicious food. In the dating scheme of things I usually started off relationships with the statement, “I don’t cook – just a heads-up.” When I met Maple my “I don’t cook – just a heads-up.” was met with the reply of “I don’t cook either really…But I could learn.” (And that’s why I’m spending my life with him. I love his attitude. “I don’t know how to wire a house for electricity…But I could learn!”) This last Saturday though, I broke my yearlong abstention from the culinary arts and made the one dish I can make without fail – grilled cheese.

I was a nanny for two years after I graduated from college and, during that time, I learned how to make a damn fine grilled cheese sandwich. Evenly toasted bread (on both sides) with completely melted cheese inside? Done. Throw a tomato in there? Not fazed at all. A little turkey and tomato with a couple slices of cheese? When do you want it done?

At my friend Molly’s house a couple years ago, we had a little version of a fondue party that I loved. Make 4-5 grilled cheese with different kinds of cheese (pepper jack, cheddar, provolone) and then, using fondue forks, dip them into tomato soup. Super cute, super fun, super easy. My kind of cooking.

Lacking fondue forks (none found yet at the TS) the version I made sort of devolved into gourmet assemble-your-own grilled cheese and tomato soup, but it was still delicious. Good company, good cheese, and a good scrabble game. We couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday night.

All the cheese: Swedish Fontina, Swiss in origin Emmentaller, Oregon Bleu Cheese and American Medium Cheddar.


Grilled cheese making station. Feta for flourish, plate o’ cheese, Dave’s Killer Bread, and butter. Lots of butter.

The table. Flatware, place mats and candle all from the TS. (Though two minutes after this photo was taken Maple decided it was too ‘matchy’ and changed out all the flatware.)

This was a deliciously good idea (i.e. the best kind of good idea.)


6 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese – The Gourmet Version

  1. One: I am thrilled to have made it into your Blog! Two: If I could cook for you right now I would love, love to. In fact, I’m about to embark upon a cornbread muffin and vegetarian jambalaya adventure this afternoon (if only you were here!) And Three: Dave’s Killer Bread is amazing and I miss it! No Dave’s in Providence (it IS a bit far, I suppose)… Also, I used to see him at the Farmer’s Market in Portland and he looks just like this picture on the packaging.

    • Clara Marie! That food sounds amazingly yummy! You should take pictures…I always tell people that I saw Dave when I visited you in Portland. I was so stoked when Fred Meyer’s started getting it up here, best store-bought bread ever!

  2. I love the idea of a grilled cheese fondue, or assemble your own type of party. Since cheese is probably one of my favorite foods ever, I probably would have included muenster and gruyere. Slap in some turkey slices, artichokes, mmmmmm! Thanks for the dinner inspiration for my days off 🙂

    • You’re welcome and thanks for the kudos! I thought it was a pretty good idea when I first saw it, so I was happy to pass it on! Gruyere and muenster are absolutely on my list for next time…:) Cheers, Anna

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