Sunday Snow

Last Sunday, on the first really cold day of the year (around -10) Maple and myself went out a ways on Old Murphy Dome Road, and then hiked 2/3 of a mile to get to our trapline trail that we maintain and run throughout the winter.

It was a beautiful Alaskan winter day. We spent about three hours clearing/hiking the main trail and also creating several new loop trails that we’re putting in.

Following are several photos that I took.

The Trail

Happy Maple

Everyone looks like abominable snowmen from a few feet back at -10…

Reason #6748 of why I love Alaska. Our friend (who we’re taking over the trail from) went out to hike the trail, saw our signs, didn’t know that they were ours and wrote this note, intending to shame whoever he thought had presumptuously taken over the trail. I just love Alaska so much. Not only did he care enough to leave a note, but that he had pen/paper/string on him (or hiked out and back to get it), and then jerry-rigged a way to hang the note off the sign.

Snowy spruce trees.

This dead tree was beautiful.

Pioneer Woodsman. We’re about to clear out this arch.

Untouched snow. It looks so pretty right before you walk through it.

Burly burl.

How to Make a Marten Set. Step 1: Bow-saw down the tree.

Step 2: Balance on base.

Close-up of base.

Step 3: Clear branches of base.

All done!

Cold and covered in snow. We couldn’t be happier. It was a great day.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Snow

  1. I loved reading this, Anna! I thought it was cold when it started snowing here the other day. Man, Rhode Island doesn’t have anything on Fairbanks!

  2. Damn! U B livin the dream!!!. I’m comin to visit end of Dec begin of Jan. hope it works out to hang with you 2 for a bit then. Planning on bringing snowshoes. Would love to visit this new trap line of yours. I haven’t run a line since Indiana 1970… And that was for muskrat.

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