Windowsill Art (Or the Garagehome: Part II)

I grew up in three homes simultaneously. In all the homes I grew up in, art was abundant, and for that I am very lucky. The tastes of my parents varied slightly. My mother, Terri, favored tasteful landscapes and portraits that complimented the colors already present in the condo. My father leaned towards velvet painting (yes, you read that correctly) that he picked up in thrift stores and collages that he himself made out of magazines. (He also endured the unnecessary disdain that only one teenager and two adolescents can deliver about his choice of artwork.) My other mother, Lou Ann, created altars and she filled the tiny Snug Cottage that we all lived in with little altars on bookshelves, window sills and tables.

In the Garagehome I’ve noticed myself repeating the pattern of Snug Cottage with regards to art. I moved into the Garagehome semi-permanently in late November but I didn’t run out of wall space until mid-December (it took me almost a whole month!) In late December I turned to the window sills.

Maple and I have yet to finish the windowsills in the Garagehome. We’ve talked about tiling or wood or just leaving them unfinished. I’m sure we’ll get to it one of these winters, but for now they act a blank canvas to my (and Maple’s) abundance of found art.

Some of the windowsills I created as current thoughts or good vibes sent to loved ones that live far away (the one I made to my sister, in wishes of her well-being.) Some of them I think of as a future promise such as the one I made for future children. Some I construct as a homage to Snug, the Condo and my father’s apartment;  my past that built my present. I feel very strongly that we all believe in our own way and pray in our own way and that one way (my way) is no better or worse than another way.

In my way I make altars, and I dust, adjust and arrange them weekly, ritually. While I don’t place the same obsessive importance on my altars that, say, Charlie’s mother does in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” I do feel a sense of peace when I look around my house. There they all are; my past, my present and my future.

The Sister Sill

The Sill to Future Children. (The planter, tile and watering can are all from the TS.) The Polar Bear artwork from the indomitable Clara Weishahn. Succulent from the Interior.

The Childhood Windowsill. Barbara Lavallee was a constant. Another planter from the TS. Another succulent growing.

Much like my mothers I fill my home with a lot of art of naked women. I can’t help it, we’re beautiful. Bamboo container, glass square and bronze vase are from the TS. Naked wooden lady was a gift from Miss Mina. Mirror was bought from an antique store. Cloth heart is from Eli and Josh.


4 thoughts on “Windowsill Art (Or the Garagehome: Part II)

  1. How cute! I guess you were right, we DO have an alter. An alter to what, I’m not sure? Perhaps it is travel, because all our knick knacks are from our vacations, except the space man who represents future travel, right? To the moon!

    Anyway, I love your windowsill art. I’m going to make more alters with new purpose.

    • Thank Johanna! I loved your little altars in your house! I think so many people create altars without conscious intention…Do a post about your travel knick-knacks! I’d love to know where they all come from…xoxo!

  2. Anna, I love that my bear is guarding over your future children! You have inspired me. I still need to get some window art action going here in my new place. I have yet to unpack my trunk of special stuff!

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