This is What a Garagehome Looks Like

I love our Garagehome. I love it more now that we bought a $239.00 dehumidifier. Who knew one mechanical device would suck approximately 12 gallons of water out of our home’s air in five days? Not us. Who knew one mechanical device would cut down on (and almost get rid of!) the oppressive layer of dust that you never actually got rid of, just swept around to different places? Not us. Who knew that one mechanical device that we had put off purchasing for roughly a year because we saw it as an unnecessarily expensive purchase would so change our quality of life that we now regard it in equal affection to our dog-children? Not us.

But the Garagehome is a little, cozy slice of sweet, quiet respite from the busy, busy world. The year that I’ve spent with Maple in the Garagehome has been a year of constantly redefining our small little space. We build, find, re-create, re-build, scrap and use pieces and parts and then re-use and re-scrap pieces and parts. (It helps that there’s the constant influx of TS goodies…)

When I first met Maple he didn’t have a sink. Or a stove. He cooked all his tasty stir-fry’s on a hot plate that didn’t get hot enough to boil water for the dishes he did in a soup pot. His teeth were brushed in a mason jar that sat by the door. (He was not, as I worry this post makes him sound, a cave troll.) There were two tables and a desk, but no chairs (excepting one rolling chair.) About three months after I met him (and promptly moved in) we graduated to a single propane burner that we pulled out of a dumpster. That little propane wonder boiled all our water and cooked all our food until I got my current job at UAF (we purchased a stove with my very first paycheck.) Want to learn patience in a hurry? Live with a single burner. You’ll realize as you’re getting up a 5:45 am because you need to boil water for coffee before you boil water to wash your hair before you leave the house at 7:30 to get to work, that all of life is encapsulated in those precious moments of quiet before the sun rises; that all that you know in this moment is the cement beneath your feet, the dogs slowly stirring and the sound of a spoon scooping out coffee…1, 2, 3, 4. OR you will spend your morning cursing the slowness of a single burner and wishing that you had a stove. Some days – clarity, some days…not so much.

I grew up in a very feminist home, that placed a lot of importance on not gendering any activities that might be viewed (by traditional society) as either feminine or masculine. But I have to admit, throw a lady into Maple’s home, and a year later…let’s just say it looks very different.

Walking down the driveway…a Garagehome emerges!

The right view of the Garagehome (This post is sponsored by Lowes.)

View from the front door. Play find the dogs (there’s three!)

To the left, when you first walk in. Coat rack (built by Maple) blue shelf thing (found at TS, painted blue by yours truly) and bookshelf above (built by Maple.)

Right by the front door there’s a tree that our friend Chrissy’s mother Peggy painted. On the wall. Because that’s how a Garagehome rolls. (Lynx print to the right a generous gift from Brother Raif.)

Right by the door is a lovely Mask (a gift from Jasmine’s father, Mark.) I like to think of it as a guardian, though slightly less intimidating than 14-ft. gargoyles.

Close-up of mask.

The dining area.

Close-up of the dining area (all sushi paintings by the lovely JSchlo.)

The cooking area (featuring the aforementioned stove.)

Our lovely big crib-bed, one of the few pieces of furniture NOT from the TS.

At the base of the bed. Stereo system and bookshelf are both from the TS.

Anyone who knows me knows I love clothes. Here are a lot of them. In the closet that Maple built me. In the far corner of the Garagehome.

Behind the closet. Blazo box wall art.


Our home heating source. Offset by some amazing artwork by Carter.

This would be the other side of our home heating source. Next to the bed on the right side. Where the rest of my clothes live, in the red dresser. (Maple found the dresser at the TS. Sanded it down and painted it bright red. I love it.)

In order, from left, Snorri, Sabine, and Gunnar.

Front of the Garagehome (Ignore the door, it’s going on the shed we’re building.)


As you can see we’re not living very rough. And while it’s true that the influx of a practical neat-freak who happens to be a lady has resulted in the creation of a counter, sink and stove, it would only be fair to mention that Maple cooks, I clean (usually) and we both build.

One of my favorite things about our house is the amount of art we have as a couple. I think both Maple and myself place a lot of value on having art to hang on our walls, arrange on our windowsills and fill our lives with. When I was a little girl one of my favorite picture books was about a little old lady who lived on the beach and collected things every day. Her home was very tiny but filled with found objects that she displayed as art and driftwood furniture. The pictures showed a cluttered, cozy space, where a pot of stew was always bubbling as the wind howled around her small, cozy home. I don’t live on a beach, but when it’s -40  and the fire is hot, and something is going in the crock pot, it feels pretty close to the pictures I looked at as a little girl.


11 thoughts on “This is What a Garagehome Looks Like

  1. I am so proud of both of you. I love the art, especially the box art. Do you have a cast iron dutch oven to sit on your wood stove? If not, let me know what size you would like and if you want a flat bottom or raised legs.

    • Hello Betty!
      We do not have a dutch oven…how generous of you to offer! I found one online that was 6-qt and had just the cutest raised legs you ever saw. That would be an incredibly welcome gift (I’ll even post in the blog about it. :))
      Thank you thank you thank you!
      Anna GH (and Justin too)

  2. Your home is so beautiful awesome! congrats! and congrats on a whole year together. Your story is adorable. Much love ❤ Also, I totally understand the one burner thing. We've graduated too… yeah!

    • Hey Mark! Not such an odd question at all. The moisture that we fight is because the house was built 100% tight, and so the moisture that builds up from cooking/dishes/daily life just…stays. Until we bought our darling dehumidifier. xoxo!

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