Blog Begins!

Maple and Me – On a car trip to Anchorage…

I know everyone’s blog must start out this way, but here goes!

My name is Anna, and I live in Fairbanks, Alaska in a sweet Garagehome with my partner Maple and our three dogs Gunnar, Snorri and Sabine. I work at the University in town as an admin, and Maple manages a local printing shop.

What’s a Garagehome you ask? It’s when your partner builds the Garage first, to learn through trial and error the best way to build. Then the Garagehome is where you live, while you’re building the Home. Though I look forward to the days of wood floors (vs. cement) and not battling the constant dust that the Garagehome creates in abundance, I do love our sweet little one-room, wood-heated, art-filled Garagehome.

While all this is incredibly glamorous (cement floors! admin work!,) Maple and my’s real passion is in creating our home and a sustainable small-scale farm on our land. Since Maple and I aren’t exactly independantly wealthy, we’re always looking for ways to build re-using and recycling as much as possible. Fortunately for us, we live in Fairbanks, where a community like this lives

I’m President of Revive the Red Tent, a local production company (who can be found here: In the last three years, Revive the Red Tent has grown into a small co-op of dedicated individuals, and I’m incredibly proud of the work we create and produce for our interior community..

I know that I’m incredibly lucky, getting to spend my time in this wonderful world focused on creating. Creating art, family, food…all the good stuff…


3 thoughts on “Blog Begins!

  1. As a regular photostalker, I have seen pictures of your said garage home and I would like to say: I think your garage home is beautiful.

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